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Had to move to a new server. New company bought the old company yadda yadda. We had some problems but tech support fixed all the problems. (Whew!) I was worried I would have to re-upload the whole everything for a minute there. But, everything’s good – if you experience any odd problems let me know!


The Dave Cave – Episode 11   

The Dave Cave —

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Bioware has released the free extended ending DLC for Mass Effect 3! But the question is, is it worth it? Was it a waste of time?

In this episode of The Dave Cave, we ponder this and more! It does contain SPOILERS, so please play the game first before listening in.

We discuss the original endings, the extended cut, touch on the Indoctrination theory, and even come up with a new one! Check it out.



Bravest Warriors Comics from BOOM! on the Way

Caleb Goellner at Comics Alliance is teasing BOOM!’s upcoming Bravest Warriors comic book with Tyson Hesse’s artwork. No launch date, yet, but consider our breath bated.

Can’t say anything else about this now, but if you’re being directed here from either Frederator or Comics Alliance, feel free to check out my webcomic Boxer Hockey or my actual Portfolio website.  Thanks for coming by!